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Colorful and modern, with unique aesthetics, our collection offers you the best of both worlds. Doctor Fashion is the place where: Function meets Style!

Doctor Fashion Scrubs are the very definition of Easy Care:  Fast Drying (less than 30 min), they required little or No Ironing, making them ideal for the busy life style of the medical professionals.

Breathable, Soft, Light weight, yet hardwearing, our medical high performance scrubs were created with your needs in mind.

With multiple pockets, loops and pen slots, our scrubs offer the ultimate in comfort and ease-of-movement during those long shifts.

More than just Scrubs!

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Women’s Asymetric Wrap Dress Lime
Women’s Asymetric Wrap Dress Royal Blue
Women’s Asymetric Wrap Dress Turquoise
Women’s Asymetric Wrap Dress Lilac
Women’s Asymetric Wrap Dress Coral
Women’s Asymertric Wrap Dress White
Women’s Asymetric Wrap Dress Mint
Women’s Wrap Top Turquoise
Women’s Wrap Top Royal Blue
Women’s Wrap Top Lilac
Women’s Wrap Top Coral
Women’s Wrap Top Lime
Women’s Wrap Top Mint
Women’s Asymetric Skirt Turquoise
Women’s Asymetric Skirt Coral
Women’s Asymetric Skirt Mint
Women’s Asymetric Skirt Lilac
Women’s Asymetric Skirt Lime
Women’s Asymetric Skirt Royal Blue
Women’s Asymetric Skirt White
Women’s Trousers Coral
Women’s Trousers Lilac
Women’s Trousers Lime
Women’s Trousers Mint
Women’s Trousers Royal Blue
Women’s Trousers Turquoise
Women’s Trousers White
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Women size chart – measurements are taken in cm

BUST 83 – 87 88 – 92 94 – 99 102 – 109 111 – 120 122 – 130
WAIST 60 – 64 66 – 70 72 – 76 78 – 86 88 – 96 100 – 107
HIPS 88 – 92 94 – 98 99 – 104 106 – 114 116 – 124 127 – 135

All sizes are in cm (1in = 2.54cm)

  • SHORT – 76cm
  • REGULAR – 80cm
  • LONG – 86cm
  • EXTRA LONG – 90cm


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